Fix PowerGUI Temporary Lock-ups

Since I first started getting familiar with Powershell a former (and very missed) co-worker pointed me to PowerGUI. It’s a nice light and extendible Powershell IDE and thanks to that same co-worker I’ve added SVN Version Control. It has become one of the first tools I open when I log into my workstation. This is why I was so disappointed when the application started seizing up on me for a minute or so at a time one day. Suddenly on every computer on which I used PowerGUI I was experiencing the same behavior.

At first I couldn’t find any information about this issue and it so I began looking for alternatives. No matter what I tried I just wasn’t happy. The built-in ISE is a really good editor but I missed PowerGUI’s Script-Explorer and the SVN support. I finally decided to take some time and search for a solution and I was finally able to track it down!

** I can take no credit for this, all credit goes to Deltahost of the Dell PowerGUI community forums for this post and solution here:

I am really just posting it here so I don’t forget this in the future!

The problem comes from the PowerGUI Start Page. If you’re anything like me, you’ve left it as-is the default upon installation. The problem arises when the page tries to update (every 10 minutes in my case). For some reason this has started causing lock-ups. (Unfortunately it seems Dell has somewhat abandoned the free version of PowerGUI since buying out Quest.)

2015-01-03 14_54_02-PowerGUI Script Editor

First of all you’ll probably want to close the Start Page tab; however, this will only close it for the current session. Unless we adjust the settings it will re-open every time you open PowerGUI.

2015-01-03 14_57_02-PowerGUI Script Editor

Next, select Options from the PowerGUI Tools menu.

2015-01-03 14_57_26-PowerGUI Script Editor

In the Options dialog, select Start Page and then make sure Show Start Page at application startup and Dynamically update Start Page content are unchecked.


2015-01-03 14_57_47-Options

Since doing this the temporary lock-ups are gone and even the initial application load time is way shorter.