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Build A Virtual Lab with VMware Workstation

This post may not be specifically about Configuration Manager but if you are studying for certification exams, you will likely find it extremely helpful to have a virtual lab environment that you can use to try out new things and test your knowledge. Many people (even myself) will often use their home network as their lab but this isn’t always optimal. If I break my network and my family can’t use the internet or reach the network shares I will quickly end up in the dog house.

What do you need?

Computer with adequate storage and memory:

These days, you don’t need a lot to build a virtual lab environment. Just about any computer with enough storage and memory will do. One can grab a gaming laptop with 16GB or more RAM these days and for most tasks this will be plenty. Personally I run one on my desktop (32GB RAM) and one on my gaming laptop (24GB RAM). This allows me to have a lab environment wherever I go.

Virtual Machine software:

The 2 main players here are VMware Workstation and VirtualBox. While VirtualBox is free I feel that VMWare Workstation offers some features that make it worth the cost. And really, if you’re talking about your career and future, the cost is definitely a worthwhile investment. I’ll probably go into VirtualBox more in future blog posts but for now we are going to stick with VMware Workstation. Fortunately, you can demo it for free and do everything covered in this lab.

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