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Fix PowerGUI Temporary Lock-ups

Since I first started getting familiar with Powershell a former (and very missed) co-worker pointed me to PowerGUI. It’s a nice light and extendible Powershell IDE and thanks to that same co-worker I’ve added SVN Version Control. It has become one of the first tools I open when I log into my workstation. This is why I was so disappointed when the application started seizing up on me for a minute or so at a time one day. Suddenly on every computer on which I used PowerGUI I was experiencing the same behavior.

At first I couldn’t find any information about this issue and it so I began looking for alternatives. No matter what I tried I just wasn’t happy. The built-in ISE is a really good editor but I missed PowerGUI’s Script-Explorer and the SVN support. I finally decided to take some time and search for a solution and I was finally able to track it down!

** I can take no credit for this, all credit goes to Deltahost of the Dell PowerGUI community forums for this post and solution here:

I am really just posting it here so I don’t forget this in the future!

The problem comes from the PowerGUI Start Page. If you’re anything like me, you’ve left it as-is the default upon installation. The problem arises when the page tries to update (every 10 minutes in my case). For some reason this has started causing lock-ups. (Unfortunately it seems Dell has somewhat abandoned the free version of PowerGUI since buying out Quest.)

2015-01-03 14_54_02-PowerGUI Script Editor

First of all you’ll probably want to close the Start Page tab; however, this will only close it for the current session. Unless we adjust the settings it will re-open every time you open PowerGUI.

2015-01-03 14_57_02-PowerGUI Script Editor

Next, select Options from the PowerGUI Tools menu.

2015-01-03 14_57_26-PowerGUI Script Editor

In the Options dialog, select Start Page and then make sure Show Start Page at application startup and Dynamically update Start Page content are unchecked.


2015-01-03 14_57_47-Options

Since doing this the temporary lock-ups are gone and even the initial application load time is way shorter.

Getting Started with Powershell

For the last 1.5 years my work life has been dedicated to supporting Windows Desktops in an Enterprise environment. In this time I’ve been very successful at my job because of a few skills. One of the most important of these being able to utilize the command land as much as possible so as to create as little user disruption as possible.

For a long time my tool of choice was the SysInternals tool PSExec. It allowed me to do a huge amount of troubleshooting, repairing and configuring. Last fall after becoming MCSA certified for WIndows 7, I decided that along with studying for the Server 2012 R2 MCSA I’d also like to improve my Powershell skills.

A kind co-worker pointed me to a great Microsoft Virtual Academy course and since then it has become my most used and favorite tool in my arsenal. Powershell is extremely easy to get started in once you know a few basics. I can’t recommend the “Getting Started with Powershell 3.0 Jump Start” course at MVA enough. It’s free and it does an amazing job of teaching you how to get your feet wet really quickly and start doing useful things almost immediately.

MVA Getting Started with Powershell 3.0 Jump Start:

Once I started to get going my co-worker then pointed me to a great HOWTO he wrote about working with version control with Powershell, PowerGUI and SVN.

HOWTO: Implement Source Version Control for Powershell Scripts with PowerGUI:

I’m no expert yet but things are coming together in my head now and I’m actually starting to write some scripts and modules that are actually very useful for me in my work environment.